PIN Pad Point of Sale (POS) Solution

A complete Point of Sale Solution Prototype based on a K81 MCU using a PIN Entry Device.


K81 MCU Point-of-Sale Tower System Module
K81 MCU Point-of-Sale Tower System Module


PIN Pad Point of Sale (POS) Solution

Technical and Functional Specifications

Display Options

  • Two-line character segment
  • 3.2” QVGA TFT


  • EMVCo Level 1 CT/CL stacks by NXP
  • EMVCo Level 2 CT/CL stacks by Cardtek
  • EMVCo and PCI PTS V4.1 certification


  • Chip-and-PIN keypad based on Cirque® SecureSense technology


  • TWR-POS-K81   Active

  • Point-Of-Sales (POS) Tower System Development Board based on Kinetis K81 MCUs

Get Started

All the datasheets and documentation are available with a valid NDA. Please click the Request Button to gain access.

Follow the Quick Start Guide to get to know the board

TWR-POS-K81 Quick Start Guide

TWR-POS-K81 Quick Start Guide A Quick Start Guide for the point of sale based on the K81 MCU


Design Resources

All the design materials are available with a valid NDA - submit a request to gain access.

Design Resources under NDA

  • TWR-POS-K81 Schematics
  • TWR-POS-K81 Software
  • TWR-POS-K81 User Guide
  • K81 Reference Manual
  • K81 Data Sheet
  • PCI4.1 PIN Entry Device Schematics, Software, and Infogard Submittal Package
  • K81 Infogard PCI 4.1 Evaluation Report

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