1.8-600 MHz, 300 W CW, 50 V Broadband RF Power MOSFETs

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  • Unmatched Input and Output Allowing Wide Frequency Range Utilization
  • Device can be used Single-Ended or in a Push-Pull Configuration
  • Qualified Up to a Maximum of 50 VDD Operation
  • Characterized from 30 V to 50 V for Extended Power Range
  • Suitable for Linear Application with Appropriate Biasing
  • Integrated ESD Protection
  • Greater Negative Gate-Source Voltage Range for Improved Class C Operation
  • Characterized with Series Equivalent Large-Signal Impedance Parameters
  • RoHS Compliant
  • NI-780H-4L in Tape and Reel. R5 Suffix = 50 Units, 56 mm Tape Width, 13-inch Reel.
  • NI-780S-4L in Tape and Reel. R5 Suffix = 50 Units, 32 mm Tape Width, 13-inch Reel.

RF Performance Table

130, 230 MHz Broadband

Typical Performance: VDD = 50 Vdc, IDQ = 100 mA
  • Capable of Handling a Load Mismatch of 65:1 VSWR @ 50 Vdc, 230 MHz, at all Phase Angles
    • 300 W CW Output Power
    • 300 W Pulse Peak Power, 20% Duty Cycle, 100 µsec
  • Capable of 300 W CW Operation


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