NXP Smart Cooking Appliance Concept

Home and Commercial Cooking Appliance Innovation

NXP is leading a transformation from conventional methods of cooking with the use of solid state RF energy in combination with embedded controllers and IoT interfaces, which enables OEM's and food supply chain companies to create more stylish appliances, delivering higher quality cooking results, and enabling disruptive business models.

NXP can help you modernize your cooking appliance with its innovative RF component and circuit solutions, embedded controllers, and IoT interfaces, in combination with its highly innovative appliance concepts and designs.

RF Smart Cooking Appliance

Smart Cooking — A Vision of the Future — Through Solid State Advantages Today

Solid state RF devices by their nature are considerably smaller and more versatile than alternative heating sources, providing previously unavailable levels of design flexibility. NXP has introduced its vision for a radically innovative appliance concept to demonstrate what is possible in revolutionary cooking appliances.

With the convenience of a microwave and the quality of a traditional oven, this smart, connected RF cooking concept appliance can control where, when and how much heating energy is directed into food — enabling more precise cooking for dramatically improved consistency, taste and nutrition.

NXP solid state RF devices give heating application developers the ability to deliver and control large amounts of energy in a high efficiency, high-resolution, closed-loop manner with real-time feedback and monitoring of temperature, power and cavity conditions. These features deliver cooking results that can be counted on to be repeatable from one user to the next.

Food Supply Chain Business Models

Intelligently controlled, internet enabled cooking solutions built using NXP technologies enable data capture and analysis, agile recipe management, ease of use services, and inspiration for companies in the food supply chain to deliver novel value added services, applications and products.

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