Optimize satellite Low Noise Block (LNB) system performance. Our dedicated portfolio of phased-locked loops (PLLs) and oscillator solutions covers biasing ICs and down-converters—including the first silicon fully integrated downconverter designed for LNBs in digital video broadcasting satellite (DVB-S) receivers. These highly integrated products are ably supported by our latest generation of wideband transistors.

Product Description
Microwave LO Generators Our ultra-low-noise local-oscillator (LO) generators simplify manufacturing by requiring no alignment or frequency modification on the production line, and support fast time-to-market through easier design-in. These solutions are optimized for a wide variety of microwave applications between 7 and 15 GHz.
Integrated PLL VCOs Our highly integrated LO generators save board space and make design-in easier. We optimize solutions for VSAT applications (TFF100xHN series) as well as microwave radio (TFF11xxxHN series). All products feature very low power dissipation (not exceeding 400 mW), and are available in a space-saving 24-pin HVQFN package.