Radio Frequency

Leaders in RF innovation and technology for more than 60 years, NXP offers an extensive portfolio of RF product for the cellular, automotive, industrial and consumer markets, from milliwatts to kilowatts.

RF Power Transistors

LDMOS, GaN and GaAs RF power transistors ranging from 1.8 mW to 1.8 kW and from DC to 6000 MHz. RF power solutions designed for communication and industrial applications.

RF Amplifiers - Low / Medium Power

NXP is a leading supplier of low and medium power RF amplifiers with a strong legacy in wireless and cellular markets and eMetering and CATV applications.

Radar Transceivers

NXP’s highly integrated radar MCUs and radar transceiver technologies (RFCMOS or BiCMOS) offer customers scalable system solutions that address ultra-short range, short-range, mid-range and long-range radar.

Control Circuits

Advanced Doherty alignment module (ADAM) is an innovative class of highly integrated GaAs MMIC control circuits designed specifically to optimize the performance of today’s Doherty amplifiers. When combined with Airfast power transistors, these sophisticated devices improve manufacturing yields and power added efficiency and are available for frequency bands spanning from 700 to 3800 MHz.

Low Power TX/RX ICs

TX/RX ICs include transmitter IQ modulators, fractional-N PLL based transmitters and highly integrated single-chip sub-1 GHz RF transceivers.

Low Power TX/RX Discrete Components

TX/RX discrete components include bipolar RF power transistors, JFETs for switching and general RF applications, and MOSFETs for switching and general RF applications.

RF Mixers

RF mixers includes a choice of devices both with and without an integrated local oscillator (LO). Other options include fully integrated (PLL synthesizer/mixer/IF gain block) and RF tested, resulting in significantly decreased manufacturing time.

PLLs and Oscillators

Phased-locked loops (PLLs) and oscillator solutions covers biasing ICs and down-converters—including the first silicon fully integrated downconverter designed for LNBs in digital video broadcasting satellite (DVB-S) receivers. These highly integrated products are ably supported by our latest generation of wideband transistors.

Car Radio Tuners

Products include low IF alignment free analog car radio tuner ICs and car radio tuner front-end for digital-IF reception, covering a majority of communication and transmissions systems.

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