ZigBee Evaluation Kit with NFC Commissioning


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    This comprehensive kit includes carrier boards with NFC I²C tags, JN5169 modules, plug-in expansion boards, a PN7120 NFC controller board, USB dongles, and a specially programmed Raspberry Pi board. Together with a JN516x Software Developer’s Kit (SDK), JN516x-EK004 provides everything that is required for wireless network development. Special points to note are:

  • The Raspberry Pi board is programmed as an IoT Gateway, allowing the development of wireless networks that connect to the Internet and other IP-based networks
  • The NFC controller board (PN7120) is integrated into the IoT Gateway and NFC connected tags (NTAG® I²C) are integrated into the carrier boards. Together, they facilitate the quick and easy commissioning of nodes through simple NFC taps

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  • JN5169HA

  • ZigBee Evaluation Kit with NFC Commissioning.

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