Secure UWB Development Kits that Interoperate with Apple U1

NXP now offers beta UWB development kits that interoperate with the U1 chip in supported Apple® products. Use these development kits to evaluate the design of new UWB-enabled IoT applications.

Jun 22

How to Build UWB-enabled IoT Devices to Interact with UWB Phones

This session guides developers very practically through available products and development tools to start their own UWB design.

Powered by NXP Trimension UWB

Designed for fast time-to-market, NXP Trimension SR150 and SR040 ICs are dedicated IoT solutions for highly precise positioning tasks.

Trimension SR150

Trimension SR150

Enable a wide range of IoT devices to perform localization tasks or create a setup with multiple UWB anchors.

Trimension SR040

Trimension SR040

Bring UWB to coin-cell battery powered trackers and tags.

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NXP's UWB Technology

UWB enables secure ranging and precision sensing, creating a new dimension of spatial context for wireless devices.