Tower® System Modular Development Board Platform

Tower® System Modular Development Board Platform

Tower System development tools save you months of development time now and in the future through rapid prototyping and tool re–use. Interchangeable and reusable development boards, along with open source design files make it easy to customize your development platform. Sold in kits or as individual modules, simply choose your preferred combination of Tower System development boards, connect them together, and get started.

MCU and Processor Modules

Tower System modules can be used as stand-alone debug tools or as part of an assembled Tower System and feature an integrated debugging interface for easy programming and run-control via a standard USB cable.

Peripheral Modules

Tower System makes it simple to add new system capabilities, like sensors, graphical LCD, and more.

Plug-In Modules

Tower® System is design to attach to any Tower® System module featuring plug-in sockets, Tower plug-ins add features and functionality to your designs. The addition of touchpads, sensors, radios and other plug-ins expands your design to a world of new capabilities.