Start your design and accelerate your time to market, beginning with the extensive lineup of NXP® hardware development tools.
Freedom Development Boards
  • Kinetis® E
  • Kinetis L
  • Kinetis K
  • Kinetis V
  • Kinetis W
  • Wireless Connectivity
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SABRE Reference Designs
  • i.MX 6
  • i.MX50
  • i.MX53
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StarterTRAK Development Boards
  • 16-bit
  • Kinetis EA
  • MPC5xxx
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Android Things
  • Jump start your design with Pico i.MX 6UL or Argon i.MX 6UL development platforms
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Embedded Board Solutions
  • Power Architecture®
  • QorIQ® Qonverge
  • QorIQ
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LPCXpresso Boards
  • LPCXPresso Target Boards
  • LPCXPresso baseboards
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Ultra-Reliable MCUs Development Platform
  • MPC5748G MCUs
  • S12 MagniV® Mixed Signal MCUs
  • S12 16-bit MCUs
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Analog Toolbox
  • Evaluation Boards and Reference Designs
  • Wide Variety of Automotive, Consumer, Medical and Industrial Tools
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Community Boards
  • Wandboard
  • UDOO
  • HummingBoard
  • RIoTboard
  • pcDuino Acadia
  • WarpBoard
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Tower Development Board
  • 8-bit
  • 16-bit
  • ColdFire/ColdFire+
  • DCS
  • Kinetis
  • PowerQUICC
  • Vybrid
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