Hardware and software solutions to help jump start your design.

Add wireless charging to your design

15 W fixed frequency single-coil transmitter

This 15 W single-coil design integrates all required functions for the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi-compliant wireless power transmitter design.

Multi-coil wireless charging transmitter

Our 15 W multi-coil transmitter reference platform is designed for automotive wireless charging applications based on the NXP MWCT1013AVLH transmit controller IC.

15 W wireless charging receiver

Designed to comply with the latest mediumpowered Qi specification, this design supports dual cell or three cell devices.

Reduce your development time with our IoT designs

IoT low-power sensor node

IoT low-power sensor node

Based on the NXP MKW24D512 SIP device; this incorporates a complete low power 2.4GHz RF transceiver and a Kinetis MCU in a single package.

Occupancy sensor node

Occupancy sensor node

Enables low power nodes based on IEEE 802.15.4 protocols such as Thread and ZigBee to communicate data to a wireless sensor network.

BLE beacon reference design

BLE beacon reference design

Open-source design based on KW30 BLE Wireless Radio MCU with firmware for BLE Stack, iBeacon, Android and iOS apps.

POS solutions designed to support secure transactions

Point-of-sale (POS) reader solution

Allows you to quickly add a PCI®- and EMVCo®-compliant PIN entry device, NFC reader, chip card reader and magnetic stripe reader to any design.

PIN pad POS solution

This Chip-and-PIN keypad is based on Cirque®SecureSense™ technology and includes PCI 4.1 PIN Entry Device (PED) Certification Report by Infogard.