NXP provides product budgetary pricing and status on nxp.com.

The budgetary price is the manufacturer's suggested resale price per unit in US Dollars for a quantity purchase of the number of units shown. All prices are provided for budgetary purpose only, shown in United States Dollars, and are subject to change without notice. For specific volume quotations, please contact your local Authorized NXP Semiconductors Distributor or NXP Semiconductors Sales office.

For certain products, you can also purchase directly from NXP. These products will have a "Buy from NXP" button Buy from NXP next to the device number. Simply click on this button to add the device to your shopping cart and view the price. See the Buy from NXP and Samples Program FAQ for more details.

Status refers to product availability and is tied to Product Life Cycle (PLC) codes. Status notations found on this website include:

Viewing Budgetary Pricing and Availability Status

You can find and view budgetary pricing and part availability in either of two ways.

Method 1:

You know the part number or portion of the part number.

  1. Enter the part number or portion of the part number in the part number search box at the top right of this page.
  2. Status and budgetary pricing are displayed in the results table.

Method 2:

You don't have a part number but you know the product family to which the part belongs.

  1. Navigate to the desired product summary page using the Products drop down in the top navigation menu of this or any page.
  2. Select the major product grouping.
  3. From the destination page, navigate down through the product tree to the product's summary page.
  4. On the product summary page, click "Orderable Parts" in the left navigation menu.
  5. Status and budgetary pricing are displayed in the Orderable Parts table.