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NXP makes autonomous mobility safe and secure

Today’s traditional view of automotive is converging towards safe and secure mobility where the need for increased trust makes Functional Safety and Security essential elements of the self-driving car.

Our scalable auto cybersecurity solution and high-performance functional safety systems help make securely connected cars a reality.

We provide a secure vehicle architecture that meets the most challenging automotive safety integrity levels

SafeAssure, Functional Safety Made Easy

Through SafeAssure, we simplify system-level functional safety requirements to help you comply with industry standards.

Automotive Security

Eliminate vulnerabilities in your automotive designs by leveraging our secure car platform.

What's New

FS6500/FS4500 system basis chip

FS6500/FS4500 system basis chip meets Grade 0 performance

Demonstrating outstanding reliability with high-temperature capability up to Tj=175°C, matching AECQ100 Grade 0 automotive qualification compliance. Samples are available.

Functional safety community

SafeAssure Community

Comprehensive advice and help on your safety certification questions.