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Better Together: How 5G, Wi-Fi 6, UWB and NFC Are Creating Tomorrow’s Wireless Railways

Better Together: How 5G, Wi-Fi 6, UWB and NFC Are Creating Tomorrow’s Wireless Railways

Urban railway systems like subways, trams and commuter trains are essential to city life, making metropolitan areas more livable and more sustainable.

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With Project CHIP, the Future of Smart Home Is Getting a Lot Brighter

Future Proofing Smart Home Devices with Project CHIP.

NXP Wi-Fi Leadership Confirmed with Election to Wi-Fi Alliance Board

This has been a memorable year for us in the NXP wireless connectivity business, with the introduction of our cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 portfolio and several groundbreaking design wins in key areas.

It Takes Collaboration to Support BlueBox 3.0, NXP’s Platform for Safe Automotive High-Performance Computing

Laying the foundation for user-defined vehicles, extending Level 2+ automated driving and enabling the zonal architectures that are shaping tomorrow’s connected vehicles are big jobs.

Virtualization and AUTOSAR Classic Platform—A Possible Tandem?

Software separation in the real-time domain with the AUTOSAR Classic Platform OS allows for more complex designs for electric vehicles.

Unveiling the Latest Breakthroughs That Anticipate and Automate Our World at CES 2021

Join NXP at this year’s CES through NXP Live 2021, our all-digital experience platform

We Are NXP | Manish Kumar—NXP’s Man in the Wi-Fi Alliance

Manish Kumar was honored with the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Quality of Service Award for his commitment to advancing its mission to “connect everyone and everything, everywhere.” Read more.

Meet an NFC Innovator: Transact Campus Inc.

Contactless Campus Life with NFC-based Student IDs

Immunity and eDocuments for Safe Mobility

NXP's eGov solutions are readily available to enable safe mobility in times of COVID19.

See How NXP Optimizes Wafer Manufacturing with Vision-Based Edge Devices

Discover how NXP optimizes its own wafer manufacturing operation leveraging NXP and Basler technology.

NXP Smarter World Podcast

NXP Smarter World Podcast

Join us as we dive deep into the issues behind today's connected world and explore our scalable solutions for the digitally-enhanced environments you find on the road, at home, in our cities, and in the workplace.