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Embedded Computing Design's Best in Show at the First All-Digital embedded world

The NXP eIQ Machine Learning Software Development Environment has been selected by Embedded Computing Design as a “Best in Show” recipient at this year’s all-digital embedded world conference.

Forbes: AI Ethics Really Come Down To Security

It's expected that there will be 75 billion smart connected devices in our homes and offices by 2025, and many of them will have added capacity to sense, process and make decisions without first checking with the cloud — or with us.

EE Times: NXP BlueBox 3.0 Lets Carmakers Build Safety, Portfolio of Apps

As the curtain lifts on CES, NXP Semiconductors has launched BlueBox 3.0, a new automotive development platform that doubles the embedded computing power of BlueBox 2.0 and boosts I/O and PCIe connectivity eight-fold.

Readwrite: How UWB Will Add New Dimension to Future IoT Tech

Many major consumer brands are starting to bring Ultra-Wideband (UWB) to devices used in homes, businesses and vehicles. Its unique user benefits make it likely that UWB will play an important role in a lot of future IoT tech.