Our story

Powering safer, more sustainable vehicles. Creating smarter homes, factories and cities. Making global infrastructure secure.

At NXP, we make the world move. We’re the vital ingredient that enables lives to be better, safer and more secure.

We do this by coming together with our partners to build solutions. From developing ecosystem solutions to supplying integral parts, our leading talent work closely with customers to navigate complexity, connect system players and build breakthrough technology that advances our world.

Customizing, adapting, ideating. Our broad and scalable portfolio is our platform for innovation.

It’s the technology that enables us to see problems from radical new angles. It’s the catalyst that enables us to develop end-to-end solutions across industries; from mobility to smart factories and smart homes.

We think in systems and work in concert, to help you navigate the unforeseen and anticipate the future

Relentlessly seeking the solutions that accelerate our world.

Our expertise

Your trusted partner for building ecosystem solutions.