NXP’s Code of Conduct (the “Code”) sets the values that guide us as we work to fulfill our ambitions in the company. The intention of the Code is to guide us, not just in achieving compliance with legal requirements and fundamental global standards, but also in raising the bar in our behavior. NXP is a company that aims to be a responsible business partner and to behave responsibly towards our customers and other business partners, our team members and in the communities where we operate.

Trade Compliance

The Code applies equally to all our activities on behalf of NXP worldwide and governs all our business decisions, including finance, purchasing, supply management and specifies policies covering labor and human rights, business ethics, environmental compliance and workplace safety and health.

A more specific area of compliance is about Customs, Export Controls and Supply Chain Security as managed by the Corporate Trade Compliance Department with specialists covering the named fields of expertise. NXP has a robust framework of Trade Compliance with both internal and external monitoring.


Shipping goods all over the world requires customs formalities whenever they leave or enter a country. Despite the fact that NXP has outsourced many of those activities, the Trade Compliance department contributes optimizing customs processes and develops processes to continuously monitor such activities on our behalf ensuring correct and timely information is being provided to customs agencies.

Export Controls

Compliance with export control laws and regulations govern the export of both tangible and intangible articles. All NXP controlled items are classified according the international standards. NXP has put in place a comprehensive Export Control Framework across the company to facilitate compliance with all applicable Export Control laws and regulations, all to prevent unauthorized end uses and doing business with denied and/or embargoed parties and countries. NXP also provides documentation for export control classification number (ECCN) lookup

Supply Chain Security

NXP has implemented a companywide Supply Chain Security framework that meets, or exceeds, all of the SCS programs globally where we are members or are seeking to obtain membership. Our membership in SCS programs like C-TPAT and AEO means that we have demonstrated to government agencies responsible for those SCS programs that NXP has in place robust processes for ensuring all goods are produced, stored, prepared, loaded in and forwarded from safe business premises and are protected against unauthorized intervention during production, storage, preparation, loading and transport.

For more detailed information about Trade Compliance, you may contact our Customer Service Center or your Account Manager.