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Gaming Headset

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Supported Devices

Processors and Microcontrollers

KL Series Arm Cortex-M0+

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth LE Audio


Arm® Cortex®-M33 Core

  • Running at a frequency of up to 150 MHz
  • Floating Point Unit (FPU) and Memory Protection Unit (MPU)
  • Arm Cortex M33 built-in Nested Vectored Interrupt Controller (NVIC)
  • Non-maskable Interrupt (NMI) input with a selection of sources
  • Serial Wire Debug with eight breakpoints and four watch points. Includes Serial Wire Output for enhanced debug capabilities
  • System tick timer

NXH3670 Features

  • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2 certified with proprietary audio streaming extension
  • Programmable TX output power of -10 dBm to +4 dBm in 2 dB steps
  • Sensitivity -90 dBm in Bluetooth LE 2 Mbps modulation mode and -94 dBm in Bluetooth LE 1 Mbps modulation mode
  • Industry-lowest current consumption of RX current < 4 mA at 1.2 V and TX current < 7 mA (0 dBm output power) at 1.2 V
  • Integrated audio interfaces and audio processing
  • WLCSP package < 7.25 mm2 with 34 bumps


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