Embedded Component: Processor Expert Valve Driver Based on MC34SB0410 Or MC34SB0800


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  • SPI communication
  • Initialization based on PEx component properties
  • Control of present drivers
    • Low-side drivers (inductive/resistive load) including flutter current functionality
    • High-side driver (general purpose)
    • Pump motor pre-driver (GPIO, PWM)
  • Monitoring
    • Supervision
    • Status information
    • Measurements (voltage, temperature)
  • Driver control and driver monitoring
  • Pump motor pre-driver PWM control using SPI
  • Flutter current functionality for low-side drivers
  • Software PID current regulation of low-side drivers
  • FreeMASTER control application

Supported Devices

  • MC34SB0410: Quad Valve Controller System on Chip
  • MC34SB0800: Octal Valve Controller System on Chip


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