HVBMS Centralized Cell Monitoring Unit Using CAN (FD) with MC33774 (CMU)


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Supported Devices

Power Management

Battery Cell Controllers


Voltage Measurement

  • 3 MC33774 battery cell controllers (BCCs) for up to 54 cells, extendable by adding more CMUs to the daisy chain
  • Life-time guaranteed high accuracy cell voltage measurement channels, with averaging and advanced filtering

Temperature Measurement

  • 8 analog inputs (including temperature sensors) or GPIOs with advanced filtering per BCC

Cell Balancing

  • Integrated temperature-controlled cell balancing with up to 300 mA (100 mA using default setup)


  • CAN FD communication
  • High speed CAN FD transceiver up to 5 Mbit/s

Cost Reduction

  • Optimized BOM using capacitive isolation on and off board

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  • RD33774CNC3EVB

  • HVBMS Centralized Cell Monitoring Unit Using CAN (FD) with MC33774 (CMU).

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