i.MX RT Industrial Drive Development Platform

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i.MX RT Industrial Drive Development Platform

i.MX RT Industrial Drive Development Platform

SW Architecture

i.MX RT Industrial Drive Development Platform platform overview

Supported Devices


I3C/I²C Digital Temp. Sensors


Secure CAN Transceivers

CAN Signal Improvement

Security and Authentication


Power Management

BLDC, H-Bridge, Stepper


Processors and Microcontrollers

i.MX RT Crossover MCUs


NFC Readers

Analog and Mixed Signal

Analog Front-End



  • 6468 CoreMark with Cortex-M7 up to 800 MHz + Arm Cortex-M4 up to 400 MHz
  • 2 MB SRAM with 512 KB of TCM for Cortex-M7 and 256 KB of TCM for Cortex-M4
  • Advanced security, including secure boot and crypto engines, and is part of the EdgeLock® Assurance program
  • 1 Gb ENET with TSN
  • Supported by MCUXpresso suite of software and tools


  • Supported by FreeMASTER, MCUXPresso SDK, IDE and configuration tools
  • Integrated motor control subsystem with high speed ADCs and Comparators, flexible multi-channel PWM outputs, Quadrature encoders/decoders, etc

Support Package

  • Schematics, layout, Gerbers, BOM, sample source code, user guide and video tutorial

Power Management

  • Highly flexible motor control; up to 4 motors can be controlled simultaneously
  • The NAFE 13388 provides a flexible interface and has over-voltage protection up
  • It can accurately read DC bus voltage, DC bus current and board temperature
  • The GD3000 interfaces to a MCU via six direct input control signals, a SPI port for device setup and asynchronous reset, enable and interrupt signals


  • Provides meaningful guidance and collateral to ease the IEC 62443-4-2 certification journey with NXP products
  • Ciphers and RNG, secure RTC, fuse and HAB
  • EdgeLock SE05X is Common Criteria EAL 6+ certified up to OS level as a safe environment to run preinstalled NXP IoT applets, supporting comprehensive encrypted communications and secured lifecycle management

Flexible Interface

  • USB, CAN, RS485, NFC compatible, Ethernet. Connector with expansion options for WiFi or Bluetooth


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  • BSPs and Device Drivers

    i.MX RT Industrial Drive Development Platform GitHub

  • BSPs and Device Drivers

    i.MX RT Industrial Drive Development Platform GitHub

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