IoT Secure Device


Block Diagram

IoT Secure Device

IoT Secure Device BD

Supported Devices


USB PD-PHY and CC-Logic

Analog and Mixed Signal

Voltage Level Translators

Processors and Microcontrollers

i.MX 8 Applications Processors


Car Audio Amplifiers

Wireless Connectivity

Wi-Fi® + Bluetooth® + 802.15.4

Power Management

Load Switches

LED Drivers



NFC Readers

CPU and Memory

Multicore Processing

  • 4x Cortex-A53 core platforms up to 1.8 GHz per core
  • 32 KB L1-I Cache/ 32 kB L1-D Cache
  • 512 kB L2 Cache
  • 1x Cortex®-M4 core up to 400 MHz
  • 16 kB L1-I Cache/ 16 kB L2-D Cache

Wireless Features

  • IEEE 802.11ac (wave2) with MU-MIMO receive
  • Virtual Dual MAC (via optimized DRCS)
  • Wi-Fi® Stations (STA), Access Point (AP), Wi-Fi Direct (P2P)
  • WPA3 Encryption
  • Bluetooth 5.2 support
  • 2-antenna configuration for Wi-Fi/Bluetooth coexistence

A5000 Advanced Security

  • Certified Common Criteria (CC) EAL 6+ based HW with dedicated authentication software
  • Secured flash user memory up to 8 kB
  • Secure binding with host MCU/MPU, and bus encryption
  • Secure credential injection with end-to-end encryption
  • Advanced access control policies to credentials and data stored on chip
  • EdgeLock 2GO enabled for flexible credential customization and over-the-air key management


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