High-Precision Analog Tower System Module


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  • Controllable by any processor module with an SPI interface

Power Management

  • Linear Technology voltage regulator
    • LTC3471 – Dual 1.3A, 1.2 MHz boost/inverter
  • Linear Technology voltage reference
    • LTC6655-5 – 0.25 ppm noise, low drift precision buffered 5 V reference
  • High-precision analog peripheral module for the Tower System
  • Four 14-pin headers for connecting to any Linear Technology QuikEval™ demonstration board
  • Two Linear Technology digital-to-analog converters (DAC)
    • LTC2704-16 – Quad 16-bit voltage output SoftSpan DAC with readback
    • LTC2600 – Octal 16-bit Rail-to-Rail DACs
  • Two Linear Technology analog-to-digital converters (ADC)
    • LTC1859 – 8-channel, 16-bit, 100 ksps SoftSpan ADCs with shutdown
    • LTC2498 – 24-bit 8-/16-channel Delta Sigma ADC with Easy Drive input current cancellation

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  • Tower System, Peripheral Module, High Precision Analog.

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