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Single Board with High End HMI

Washing Machine BD1

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Washing Machine BD2

Supported Devices

Wireless Connectivity

Sub-1 GHz Wireless Solutions


Power Management

AC-DC Controllers with Integrated Power Switch

Processors and Microcontrollers

KE Series Arm Cortex-M4/M0+

Analog and Mixed Signal

Real-Time Clocks

i.MX RT1050 Features

  • Highest performing Cortex®-M7
  • 3020 CoreMark/1284 DMIPS @ 600 MHz
  • Up to 512 kB Tightly Coupled Memory (TCM)
  • FreeRTOS support available with MCUXpresso SDK
  • Real-time, low-latency response as low as 20 ns
  • Industry's lowest dynamic power with an integrated DC-DC converter
  • Low-power run modes at 24 MHz
  • Advanced multimedia for GUI and enhanced HMI

KV5x Features

  • High-performance 240 MHz Arm® Cortex®-M7 core combined with a high level of analog and digital integration targeted at real-time control applications
  • Up to 1 MB Flash and 256 KB RAM, 16 KB instruction cache and 8 KB data cache. 256 KB of RAM includes 64 KB of ITCM RAM ensuring maximum CPU performance of fast control loops with minimal latency
  • 64-bit AXI memory interface with I-Cache and D-Cache - efficient access to external resources; interface to large external memories for a complete RTOS experience; support for richer HMI with higher resolution graphics, multiple connectivity stacks and middleware
  • 4 x 8ch 12-bit ADC's sampling at 5 MSPS with a dual sample and hold circuitry, can capture current and voltage simultaneously for two motors giving true independent dual motor control
  • Ethernet option with True Random Number Generator and Cryptographic unit providing a low cost integrated connectivity solution
  • 2 eFlexPWM blocks provide 4 independent time bases per module with a highly flexible configuration that easily supports motor and power control topologies

KE1xZ Features

  • Up to 72 MHz Cortex-M0+ core supporting a broad range of processing bandwidth requirements while maintaining excellent cost-effectiveness, easy to use packages and a wide range of memory densities
  • Enhanced robust IOs make sure the high performance under noisy environment
  • Robust TSI supports both mutual cap mode and self-cap mode, providing flexibility for up to 72 touch keys
  • Implementation of CAN protocol - Version 2.0A/B, support both standards and extended data frames, up to 1 Mbps data rate
  • Flextime featured up to 8ch PWM supports 3-phase motor control with dead time insertion and fault detect
  • 1MSPS 12b ADC with up to 16ch input per module provides fast sampling rate for prompt data conversion and storage
  • Analog comparator for fast response to external analog change


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