AUTOSAR 4.3 Drivers for SJA1105P/Q/R/S


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SJA1105P/Q/R/S AUTOSAR v.4.3

SJA1105P/Q/R/S AUTOSAR v.4.3


  • ASIL-D qualified for integration in safety-critical applications like Gateway/ADAS/Powertrain/Chassis.
  • Timestamping/gPTP* support for cascaded switches.
  • Time-Aware Shaper (TAS) support for scheduled traffic based on 802.1Qbv.
  • Per-Stream Filtering and Policing (PSFP) for increased security.
  • Additional security-relevant configuration options for dynamic learning, double tagging, asymmetric VLANs, broadcast policers etc.
  • Advanced ARL table configuration based on TCAM.
  • Out of the box example application using SJA1105SMBEVM: Gateway Prototyping Platform.

Supported Devices

  • MPC574xB-C-G: Ultra-Reliable MPC574xB/C/G MCUs for Automotive and Industrial Control and Gateway
  • SJA1105PQRS: SJA1105PEL/QEL/REL/SEL Series Ethernet Switches
  • TJA1101: TJA1101/TJA1101B: Robust, Low Power 100BASE-T1 PHY Transceiver


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