A Touch Sensing Reference Design Based on KE17Z new


X-KE17Z-TSI-EVB Bottom


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Touch Sensing Block Diagram

Touch Sensing Block Diagram

Technical and Functional Specifications

  • MKE17Z256VLL7 MCU (Arm® Cortex®-M0+)
  • 72MHz
  • 100LQFP package
  • 256 KB flash
  • 48 KB SRAM
  • 3x5 self-cap touchpad
  • 5x5 mutual-cap touchpad
  • 2D touchpad, designed by 12 touch channels
  • 4 self-cap spring keys
  • 2 proximity loops
  • Shield electrodes on board to evaluate waterproof performance
  • 15 blue LEDs, Segment LED
  • SWD interface provides run-control debugging and compatibility with IDE tools
  • Embeds UART, I2C, SPI, IO headers for easy access to MCU communication interface


  • FRDM-KE17Z   Active

  • Freedom Development Platform for 72MHz KE17Z/KE13Z/KE12Z MCUs
    • FRDM-KE17Z
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    • $39.00
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