NEWTEC-NTBMS: NewTec battery management system (BMS) reference design

Engineered for e-mobility targeting ASIL C functional safety BMS


NEWTEC-NTBMS reference design board


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NEWTEC-NTBMS reference design - Block Diagram

NEWTEC-NTBMS reference design - Block Diagram

Technical and Functional Specifications

NEWTEC-NTBMS has two boards approach

  • A functional safety system-on-module (SoM) board, based on S32K144 and KEA MCUs and FS4503C safety power system
  • A BMS application board, based on MC33772B battery cell controller IC
  • Control of up to 6 Lithium-ion battery cells
  • Intrusive diagnostics (performed by MCU)
  • Programmable in C


  • Onboard interfaces for CAN bus, LIN
  • RAM and flash memory storage


  • Permanent measurement of cell voltages
  • Power supply with watchdog protection
  • Power management: low power and normal mode
  • Electrical current carrying capability: 200 A continuous current, 800 A maximum current
  • Operating Current < 25 mA@RT
  • Undervoltage (short circuit) and overcurrent/overvoltage detections, overcurrent control fuse


  • Over-temperature protection

Functional Safety

  • All components AEC-Q qualified
  • Safe relay (breaker) control targeting ASIL C at system level
  • Various definable safe states, including crash detection
  • Unintended relay close and unintended relay open


  • NTBMS-FSNXP   Active

  • NewTec battery management system (BMS) reference design
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NTBMS-FSNXP Support and Service Packages
Packages Features NXP Offering NewTec Offering
Reference Design Package Board Package Software Package* Safety Package* Certification Package*
Evaluation Board Battery Management
Application Software with Drivers (non-safe)**
Safety Software (source code)
Layout with Gerber Files
Introduction Guide Targeting ASIL C
Functional Safety Templates
FMEDA Imtroduction
Complete Safety Documentation for Certification
ISO 26262 Certification
Trainings (customer-specific)
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