Pegoda Smart Card Reader Based on PN7642

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Product Details

Block Diagram

Pegoda CLRD730

CLRD730 - Pegoda 3 BD

Supported Devices


NFC Readers

NTAG for Tags and Labels





MIFARE Ultralight

Security and Authentication

Contact Readers


General Feature

  • PN7642: All-in-one full ISO/IEC 14443, ISO/IEC 15693 and NFC (ISO/IEC 18000-2) controller solution with support of high data rates
  • MIFARE SAM AV3: Latest security features support of MIFARE®, NTAG® and ICODE®
  • USB-C 1: Data Port-A for power supply and communications via PC/SC or VCOM mode for Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Fully compatible with NXP tools like RFIDDiscover, Card Test Framework and NFC Cockpit
  • Pegoda RD730 firmware Binary, Ready to Flash
  • PN7642 and MIFARE SAM AV3 based reference design and evaluation reader for fast, flexible development of secure reader systems
  • Quick embedded development with portable code for contactless connectivity and security experience through MIFARE®, NTAG® and ICODE®
  • Contact experience by support of I2C controller for connected tags
  • Easy customization with flash-based microcontroller on NFC controller
    Note: CLRD730 needs to stay on PN7642 firmware v01.00 to avoid a nonworking reader


  • CE (LVD, RED), FCC (Part 15), and EMC declaration of conformity
  • NFC Form certification
  • MIFARE® certified contactless desktop reader by Arsenal Testhouse

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  • Pegoda Smart Card Reader Based on PN7642.

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  • Design Files - miscellaneous

    Pegoda CLRD730 Schematics and Design Files


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    Pegoda CLRD730 Firmware Binary, Ready to Flash

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