MicroSys miriac EK5744 Funcional Safety Evaluation Kit


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Supported Devices

Processors and Microcontrollers

Ultra-Reliable MPC57xx MCUs

Power Management

Safety SBCs



  • 32-bit Power Architecture e200z4 based MPC574xP

System Basis Chip (SBC)

  • MC33907 Safe System Basis Chip DC/DC up to 800 mA
  • CANopen safety (CiA 304), Safety over EtherCAT, PROFIsafe safety, and openSAFETY protocols on request
  • I/O supports redundancy
  • Customized firmware, PLC on request
  • Advanced diagnostics on all I/Os and power inputs
  • AUTOSAR-compatible hardware


  • Up to 4 safe analog inputs, upon desired SIL level
  • Up to 4 safe digital inputs, upon desired SIL level
  • Up to 4 safe digital outputs
  • Ethernet
  • Basic abstraction layer for bus interfaces

Support Level offerings

Miriac EK5744 Functional Safety Evaluation Kit
Kit features Entry Professional (SIL2) Professional (SIL3) Professional (AUTO)
Purpose For proven redundancy concept addressing IEC 61508 safety standards For reaching safety integrity levels (ISO, IEC 61508 SIL2 and ISO 13849 PLd) For reaching higher SI-levels (IEC 61508 SIL3) Reaching higher ISO 26262 safety level (ASIL D)
EVB incl. USB cable
Design files
Full set of design files
Full schematics
Binary safety library
E.G. Safety project
Full safety SW
User manual
Safety manual
Quick start guide
Safety process doc.
Compiler and Debugger
Price (USD) $1.8K $75K Upon Request Upon Request
Request Contact Miriac

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2 software files


    AUTOSAR 4.0 MCAL (ISO 26262) for MPC574xPFeatured


    AUTOSAR 4.0 MCAL (QM) for MPC574xPFeatured

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