MPC5748G Secure Ethernet Gateway reference design

Engineered like A-sample Ethernet Gateway ECU


MPC5748G-GW reference design board
MPC5748G-GW reference design board


Technical and Functional Specifications


  • As A-sample like central gateway ECU with MPC5748G (176 LQFP) onboard
  • Support multi-channels of Automotive Ethernet and CAN FD
  • Support secure OTA management with 4 GB eMMC onboard


  • 4 x 100Base-T1 Ethernet
  • 1 x 100Base-TX Ethernet for Diagnosis (DoIP) / Software Update
  • 8 x CAN/CAN FD (up to 5 Mbps)
  • 2 x FlexLIN / 1 x RS232
  • 3 x PWM / 2 x Analog Inputs / 2 x High-side Switch Out
  • JTAG Debug

Functional Safety

  • ASIL-D Safety power SBC
  • ASIL-B S32K144 as sub-MCU
  • ASIL-A SJA1105Q 5-ports Ethernet Switch
  • Fault management and reset logic circuits


  • MPC5748G-GW-RDB   Active

  • MPC5748G Secure Ethernet Gateway reference design
    • MPC5748G-GW-RDB
    • 1 @ US
    • $449.00
    • Buy Direct
    • Distributor
  • MPC5748G-GW-CBL   Active

  • MPC5748G-GW-RDB functional cable, linking all pins out with MATEnet, UTP, and common single line wires
    • MPC5748G-GW-CBL
    • 1 @ US
    • $25.00
    • Buy Direct
    • Distributor

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