Getting Started with the RDDRONE-T1ADAPT Evaluation Board

This page will assist you in learning about your RDDRONE-T1ADAPT Evaluation Board.

Get to Know the Hardware

2.1 Board Features

  • Plug and play operation
  • Translation between 100BASE-T1 and 100BASE-TX Ethernet
  • DroneCode JST-GH connector or pin header
  • Supports simple connector schemes

2.2 Board Description

The RDDRONE-T1ADAPT Ethernet adapter board is an evaluation platform for automotive 100BASE-T1 Ethernet. It can be used to connect a standard 100BASE-TX Ethernet device, such as a PC or single-board computer, to a peripheral device with a T1 Ethernet interface. Two RDDRONE-T1ADAPT boards can be used to connect two standard Ethernet devices together via a T1 network.

Software source code is available on request if the user wants to modify the configuration. However, the board is designed for plug-and-play out of the box with no additional software needed.

2.3 Board Components

Overview of the RDDRONE-T1ADAPT evaluation board

Label Name Description
1 TJA1101 The TJA1101 100BAE-T1 automotive Ethernet PHY from NXP Semiconductors is used to support the T1 side of the media converter
2 100BASE-TX PHY The third party 10/100BASE-TX Ethernet PHY supports the standard Ethernet side of the media converter
3 LPC812 The ARM Cortex-M0 micro is used to configure the two back-to-back PHYs and to control the master/slave behavior of the TJA1101
4 Debug connector This debug interface can be used to program the device. Since a physical connector is not mounted on the board, a cable such as the TC2050-ID-NL can be used to interface with the board via the debug interface.

Configure the Hardware

The RDDRONE-T1ADAPT board is designed to interface between standard 100BASETX Ethernet and two-wire automotive Ethernet in order to evaluate T1 performance. A number of configuration options are possible.

3.1 Evaluate T1 Between Two 100BASE-TX Devices

A pair of RDDRONE-T1 boards are used to connect two standard PCs with RJ45 connectors together over a 2-wire T1 network. The adaptors communicate with each other via T1 and the power is supplied by the PCs over USB cables.


3.2 Evaluate Communication Between a TX and a T1 Device

An RDDRONE-T1ADAPT is used to connect a PC or single-board computer to a T1 peripheral. In this configuration, the power may be supplied through the 3-pin JST-GH connector with 5.0 V power coming from a pin header or matching connector on the single-board computer.


3.3 Connect a 100BASE-TX Device to a T1 Network Switch

Connect a 100BASE-TX device to a T1 network switch.


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