Media and Audio

From multichannel home theater surround systems to tiny cell phones, we cover virtually every system in the home, in the car, or on the move.

AM/FM Radio and Audio

TEF66xxx family, TEF67xxxx family, TEF70xx family

Analog and DSP-based AM/FM receivers, Leading radio and audio performance, Single to multi-tuner radio systems, Low cost-of-ownership and system costs.

Audio Amplifiers

Superior robustness, Complete portfolio from low to high output power, Analog and digital inputs available, Pin-to-pin compatible families, Excellent EMC performance.

Audio Converters

Portfolio covers widest dynamic range in the industry, everything from complete turnkey solutions to customer-specific designs, highest resolution and sampling rates, extensive system and application support.

Car Radio On-Off Logic

Making your choice in car audio silicon an easy one, NXP® offers all the ingredients for creating the latest entertainment modules – covering everything from advanced car radio ICs to LCD drivers and myriad discrete semiconductors.

Digital Demodulators

TDA10025HN, TDA10026HN, TDA10027HN

Demodulators for cable reception able to answer all worldwide requirements.

Multi Standard Digital Radio

Support for multiple standards with a single baseband processor, cost efficient co-processor to AM/FM radio/audio DSPs, supports DAB, DAB+, T-DMB as well as HD radio, ready for DRM.

IF Demodulators

TDA98xx family, TDA829x family

The TDA98xx family range is an alignment-free multi-standard (PAL, SECAM and NTSC) vision and sound IF signal Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) demodulator for positive and negative modulation.

Silicon Tuners

TDA182xxx family

Extended range of products for TV and Set-Top Boxes to receive cable, terrestrial and satellite content.

What's New


PF3001 PMICs

Combine 10-Channel PF3001 PMICs with i.MX applications processors.


PF3000 PMICs

Combine 12-Channel PF3000 PMICs with i.MX applications processors.


Quadcopter Demonstrating UAV Speed Control Using Kinetis® KV5x MCUs and GD3000 Motor Pre-Drivers