1321x Development Kits

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MC1321x Development Kit Features

Feature 1321x Developer
Starter Kit
1321x Consumer
Starter Kit
1321x Network
Starter Kit
1321x ZigBee®
Evaluation Kit
1321x-SRB 2 1 2 4
0 1 1 3
USB Multilink BDM Yes 1321xDSK-BDM only Yes 1321xCSK-BDM only Yes 1321xNSK-BDM only Yes
CodeWarrior IDE CodeWarrior Special Edition CodeWarrior Special Edition CodeWarrior Special Edition CodeWarrior Special Edition
CodeWarrior Standard Edition - Permanent License(1321xEVK-SFTW only)
BeeKit Yes Yes Yes Yes
Batteries, Cables and Power Adapters Yes Yes Yes Yes
Out-of-Box Application Triax RF4CE Virtual
Remote Demo
802.15.4 Network
ZigBee environment
Demo (ZeD)
RoHS Compliant Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price - Part # $249 - 1321xDSK
$349 -1321xDSK-BDM
$399 - 1321xCSK-BDM $499 - 1321xNSK
$549 - 1321xNSK-BDM
$1749 - 1321xEVK
$3299 - 1321xEVK-SFTW


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    BeeKit Wireless Connectivity ToolKit Rev 3.0.2

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