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Block diagram: P80C562EBA

Block diagram: P80C562EBA


  • 80C51 Central Processing Unit
  • 8 kbytes ROM, expandable externally to 64 kbytes
  • 256 bytes RAM, expandable externally to 64 kbytes
  • Two standard 16-bit timer/counters
  • An additional 16-bit timer/counter coupled to four capture registers and three compare registers
  • An 8-bit ADC with 8 multiplexed analog inputs
  • Two 8-bit resolution, Pulse Width Modulated outputs
  • Five 8-bit I/O ports plus one 8-bit input port shared with analog inputs
  • Full-duplex UART compatible with the standard 80C51
  • On-chip Watchdog Timer
  • Oscillator frequency: 3.5 to 16 MHz.

Part numbers include: P80C562EBA.


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