5G RF Infrastructure

End-to-end solutions for diverse networks and architectures offering full lineups of GaN, LDMOS and SiGe discrete transistors, ICs and multi-chip modules. These solutions include all sub-6 GHz and mmWave frequency bands, supporting all cellular standards.

Macro Remote Radio Head

High power Airfast discrete solutions designed for 20 to 80 W radios.

Active Antenna Systems

Multi-chip modules, ICs, LNAs and discrete mMIMO solutions for 5 to 10 W radios and macro drivers.

5G mmWave

High-performance analog beamforming ICs in key 5G mmWave bands.

WLAN Front-end ICs and Modules

Front-end ICs and modules for 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 7 GHz Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®. Learn more about WLAN Front-end ICs and Modules.

RF Consumer and Industrial

RF Aerospace and Defense

High power GaN and LDMOS technologies suited for applications under demanding conditions.

RF Cooking

Innovative solid-state RF solutions enabling quality cooking with convenience.

RF Defrosting

Rugged, highly efficient devices providing optimal performance for RF defrosting applications.

RF Industrial, Scientific and Medical

Power transistors designed to simplify the use of solid-state RF in high-powered applications.

RF Mobile Radio

Designed for 2-way hand-held and vehicle radios, offering broadband performance.