I2C-Bus Controlled 4 x 45 W Power Amplifier

  • This page contains information on a product that is no longer manufactured (discontinued). Specifications and information herein are available for historical reference only.

Product Details


General Features

  • Operates in legacy mode (non I2C-bus) and I2C-bus mode (3.3 V and 5 V compliant)
  • Three hardware-programmable I2C-bus addresses
  • Drive 4 Ω or 2 Ω loads
  • Speaker fault detection
  • Independent short-circuit protection per channel
  • Loss of ground and open VP safe (with 150 mΩ series impedance and a supply decoupling capacitor of 2200 μF maximum)
  • All outputs short-circuit proof to ground, supply voltage and across the load
  • All pins short-circuit proof to ground
  • Temperature-controlled gain reduction to prevent audio holes at high junction temperatures
  • Low battery voltage detection
  • Offset detection
  • This part has been qualified in accordance with AEC-Q100

I2C-bus mode

  • DC load detection: open-circuit, short-circuit and load present
  • AC load (tweeter) detection
  • During start-up, can detect which load is connected so the appropriate gain can be selected without audio pop
  • Independently selectable soft mute of front channels (channel 1 and channel 3) and rear channels (channel 2 and channel 4)
  • Programmable gain (26 dB and 16 dB) of front channels and rear channels
  • Fully programmable diagnostic levels can be set:
    • Programmable clip detection: 2 %, 5 % or 10 %
    • Programmable thermal pre-warning
  • Selectable information on the DIAG and STB pins:
    • The STB pin can be programmed/multiplexed with second clip detection
    • Clip information of each channel can be directed separately to the DIAG pin or the STB pin
    • Independent enabling of thermal, clip or load fault detection (short across or to VP or to ground) on DIAG pin

Part numbers include: TDA8595J, TDA8595SD, TDA8595TH.


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