LPC812-LPCXpresso Board

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  • NXP®'s LPC812 Cortex-M0+ microcontroller in TSSOP20 package
  • 16 kB of Flash, 4 kB of Data Memory
  • 12 MHz crystal for CPU


  • UART header compatible with C232HD-DDHSP-0 cable (or similar) for In-System Programming
  • All LPC812 pins available on expansion connector (2 x 27-pin rows, 100 mil pitch, 900 mil between rows)
  • Embedded JTAG (LPC-LINK) functionality via LPCXpresso IDE
  • LPC-LINK can be connected to external target processor after modifications to the LPCXpresso board

Power Management

  • 3.15 V - 3.3 V external power, or from USB via onboard LPC-LINK JTAG probe


  • Potentiometer connected to ACMP_I1
  • RGB LED connected to PIO0_7, PIO0_16 and PIO0_17

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