Programmable LIN 1.3 Alternator Regulator

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  • This page contains information on a product that is no longer manufactured (discontinued). Specifications and information herein are available for historical reference only.

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Block Diagram

TC80310 Block Diagram

TC80310 Block Diagram


  • Integrated High Side Excitation Driver (Field)
  • Internal Free wheeling diode
  • Rotor Excitation coil up to 8.0A
  • Load Response Control (LRC)
  • Thermal protection
  • Thermal Compensation
  • Robust LIN 1.3 Interface
  • Selectable Regulation Voltage from 10.6V up to 16V (programming at NXP®.
  • Rotor Control and Die temperature monitoring via LIN communication
  • Self-Start operation available (in case of LIN disconnection)
  • Multiple adjustments capability for Loop Regulation (internal Ramp, digital filter)

Part numbers include: TC80310ASHWS.


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