Sensor Toolbox Development Boards for a 9-Axis Solution using MMA8652FC, FXAS21002C and MAG3110

  • This page contains information on a product that is no longer manufactured (discontinued). Specifications and information herein are available for historical reference only.

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Product Details


Demonstration Kit

  • Enables 'Out of the box' demo and evaluation using the Sensor Toolbox - CE
    • Graph Visualization, Register level analysis, real-time interrupt evaluation, and data logging for each sensor: MMA8652C, MAG3110, and FXAS21002C.
  • Enables embedded sensor project development using IoT Sensing SDK.
    • Example projects for all sensors such as interrupt, polling and FIFO-based streaming, MMA8652 Freefall Detection, MAG3110 one-shot mode
    • Algorithms such as Sensor Fusion and Pedometer
  • Enables visualization of 9-Axis sensor data and orientation results using Sensor Fusion Visualization Software

Sensor Shield Board

  • Compatible with Arduino® and most NXP Freedom development boards
  • Allows evaluation of current consumption and pin voltage characteristics

Breakout board

  • Small form factor with the same design as the FRDMSTBC-A8491
  • Enables easy prototyping: Can be easily wired or clipped onto host systems.


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