Simple Two-Wire Bus Buffer

  • Archived
  • This page contains information on a product that is no longer manufactured (discontinued). Specifications and information herein are available for historical reference only.

Product Details


Key Features

  • Simple impedance isolating buffer for 2-wire buses
  • 30 mA maximum static open-drain pull-down capability supports a wide range of bus standards
  • Works with I2C-bus (Standard-mode, Fast-mode, Fast-mode Plus), SMBus (standard and high power mode) and PMBus
  • Fast switching times allow operation in excess of 1 MHz
  • Enable allows bus segments to be disconnected
  • Hysteresis on inputs provides noise immunity
  • Operating voltages from 2.7 V to 5.5 V
  • Very low supply current
  • Uncomplicated characteristics suitable for quick implementation in most common 2-wire bus applications
  • Electronic signs and displays
  • Lighting control (including architectural and stage lighting)
  • Game consoles/boxes
  • Gaming machine networks
  • Building automation
  • TV/projector/monitor interconnection (DDC)
  • Power management systems
  • Desktop and portable computers
  • Security systems
  • Interfacing standard 3 mA I2C-bus parts to a 30 mA Fm+ bus


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