32 KHz Watch Circuits with Adaptive Motor Pulse


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Block Diagram

PCA1462U, PCA1463U Block Diagram

 PCA1462U, PCA1463U Block Diagram


  • 32 kHz oscillator, amplitude regulated with excellent frequency stability
  • High immunity of the oscillator to leakage currents
  • Time calibration electrically programmable and reprogrammable (via EEPROM)
  • A quartz crystal is the only external component required
  • Very low current consumption; typically 170 nA
  • Output for bipolar stepping motors of different types
  • Up to 50% reduction in motor current compared with conventional circuits, by self adaption of the motor pulse width to match the required torque of the motor
  • No loss of motor steps possible because of on-chip detection of the induced motor Voltage
  • Detector for lithium or silver-oxide battery Voltage levels
  • Indication for battery end-of-life
  • Stop function for accurate timing
  • Power-on reset for fast testing
  • Various test modes for testing the mechanical parts of the watch and the IC.

Target Applications

  • Digital fibre optic receiver in short, medium and long haul optical telecommunications transmission systems or in high speed data networks
  • Wideband RF gain block.


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