Automotive LED Controllers

Our automotive LED controllers offer the highest reliability combined with LED dimming, blinking and color mixing capabilities. These devices support a wide range of applications, such as LED backlighting, button illumination or tell-tale illumination.

Our automotive LED controllers feature sixteen independent PWM channels for individual brightness control of each channel. These are complemented by one leader PWM controller for global dimming of all sixteen channels. For asynchronous control of the LEDs, an active low output enabled pin allows you to program all the PWM outputs to logic ‘1’, logic ‘0’ or ‘high-impedance’. PWM resolution ranges from 8-bit (256 steps) with fixed 97 kHz PWM frequency to 12-bit (4096 steps) with programmable PWM frequency between 40 Hz and 1000 Hz.

Fast Interconnect

A two-wire I2C bus allows the automotive LED controllers to interconnect to the microcontroller at speeds up to 1 MHz (FastMode+). They are at 5 V capable to sink 25 mA respectively to source 10 mA per PWM channel. Qualified compliant with AEC-Q100 automotive qualification standard, the controllers are available in the TSSOP28 package and offer the highest reliability.

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