6 Channel LED Backlight Driver with Power Supply

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Block Diagram

Freescale MC34845 LED Driver Block Diagram

NXP<sup>&#174;</sup> MC34845 LED Driver Block Diagram


  • Input voltage of 5.0 to 21 V
  • Boost output voltage up to 60 V
  • 2.0 A integrated boost FET
  • Fixed boost frequency to 300kHz, 600 kHz or 1.2 MHz
  • OTP, OCP, UVLO fault detection, LED short/open protection
  • Programmable LED current between 3.0 mA and 30 mA
  • 24-Ld 4x4x0.65 mm WQFN Package
  • This product is included in NXP®.s product longevity program, with assured supply for a minimum of 10 years after launch

Key Parametrics

  • Output Voltage (V)
  • Output Current (A)
    2.1, 2.35
  • Interface and Input Control
    Parallel / Parallel

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