24 V Multipurpose Low RDSON eXtreme Switch

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Key Features

  • Normal operating range: 8.0 - 36 V, extended range: 6.0 - 58 V
  • 3.3 V and 5.0 V compatible 16-bit daisy-chainable SPI control
  • Flexible load management from 1 to 24 A with possible parallel output operating modes
  • Programmable dynamic threshold overcurrent protection and over-temperature protection with programmable auto-retry functions
  • Accurate temperature and synchronous/asynchronous current sensing
  • Individually programmable internal/external PWM clock signals
  • Sleep mode with minimal supply current (< 10 µA @ 24 V)
  • Compatible PCB footprint and SPI software driver among the family

Product Longevity Program

  • This product is included in the NXP Product Longevity Program ensuring a stable supply of products for your embedded designs. The MC10XS4200 (MC24XS4), MC20XS4200 (MC24XS4), and MC06XS4200 (MC24XS4) are included in the 15-year program

Part numbers include: MC06XS4200BFK, MC06XS4200CFK, MC06XS4200DFK, MC06XS4200FK, MC10XS4200BAFK, MC10XS4200BDFK, MC10XS4200BFK, MC10XS4200CFK, MC10XS4200DFK, MC10XS4200FK, MC20XS4200BAFK, MC20XS4200BDFK, MC20XS4200BFK, MC20XS4200DFK, MC20XS4200FK, MC22XS4200CEK, MC22XS4200DEK, MC50XS4200CEK, MC50XS4200DEK.

Comparison Table


Product Datasheet # of outputs RDSon (mOhm) Package Suggested tool
MC06XS4200 Datasheet Dual 2 x 6.0 PQFN 23 KIT06XS4200EVBE
MC10XS4200 Datasheet Dual 2 x 10.0 PQFN 23 KIT10XS4200EVBE
MC20XS4200 Datasheet Dual 2 x 20.0 PQFN 23 KIT20XS4200EVBE
MC22XS4200 Datasheet Dual 2 x 20.0 SOIC-EP 32 KIT22XS4200EKEVB
MC50XS4200 Datasheet Dual 2 x 50.0 SOIC-EP 32 KIT50XS4200EKEVB


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