Additional Processors and MCUs

Our portfolio of MCUs, DSPs/DSCs and security processors offers high level integration, comprehensive software/hardware enablement and broad performance range.

8/16 bit MCUs

8-bit S08

High-performance and low power

All MCUs in the family use the enhanced S08 core and are available with a variety of modules, memory sizes, memory and package types.

16-bit S12 MagniV

S12 MagniV® Mixed-Signal Microcontrollers for Automotive and Industrial

S12 MagniV portfolio simplifies system design and reduces time to market with integrated high-voltage analog and microcontroller in a single die.

16-bit S12 and S12X MCUs

Wide memory and pin scalability

The industry’s most widely used 16-bit microcontroller in automotive and Ultra-Reliable industrial applications.

Application Specific MCUs and MPUs


Zigbee is a networking protocol defined by the Zigbee Alliance for low-cost, low-power, wireless control and monitoring solutions.


Simplified IPv6-based mesh networking protocol developed by industry-leading technology companies for connecting products around the home to each other, to the internet and to the cloud.

Proprietary IEEE 802.15.4-based

Provides low-power wireless communications and connectivity for home automation and smart energy applications.

Crypto Coprocessors

Introducing the C29x Family of Crypto Coprocessors to address the public key offload required for data center and network security appliances as they scale into thousands of transactions per second.

Bluetooth® Low Energy

Our Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) solutions include highly integrated SoCs with up to 512 KB Flash and 128 KB RAM utilizing Arm® Cortex®-M4F cores.

ColdFire+/ColdFire MCUs and MPUs

ColdFire Microcontrollers

32-bit Embedded Controllers

32-bit ColdFire embedded controllers that combine high performance and extended functionality with flexibility or advanced flash memory technology in a compact, inexpensive package.

ColdFire Processors

ColdFire exceptional performance

ColdFire delivers exceptional performance offering more than 500 MIPS while maintaining a low cost and small size.

ColdFire+ MPUs

32-bit Embedded Controllers

ColdFire+ 32-bit MCUs build upon ColdFire's strong heritage and signify the next step in evolution of the NXP architecture.

Digital Signal Controllers and Processors

Digital Signal Controllers


Digital Signal Controllers (DSC) combine the best features of microcontrollers (MCU) and powerful digitla signal processing (DSP) capabilities in one single chip.

Digital Signal Processors


NXP® offers a range of solutions for digital signal processing optimized for applications ranging from general embedded markets to motor control and power conversion.