VFxxx VF6xx Tower® System Kit with Arm® DS-5™ VFxxx Controllers Edition


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VFxxx F Series



Arm DS-5 VFxxx Controllers Edition features

  • Integrated solution, developed and maintained by Arm for VFxxx
    • End-to-end development, from SoC bring-up to application debug
  • Powerful Arm Compiler for both Arm® Cortex®-A5 and Cortex-M4
    • Optimized code size and performance
  • Intuitive DS-5 Debugger with MQX RTOS support
    • Full debug for both core types in one IDE
    • Flexible graphical user interface
    • DSTREAM probe with 4 GB trace buffer
    • Supports CMSIS-DAP debug probe on VFxxx Tower® System modules/kits
  • Streamline Performance Analyzer
    • System-wide analysis of Linux® and Android systems
    • Timeline and profiling reports
  • 12-month license
  • Supports all VFxxx devices and Tower System
  • 1 MB code size limit

TWR-VF65GS10 VFxxx Controller Tower System module features

  • VFxxx VF61NS151CMK50 processor (dual-core Cortex-A5 at 500 MHz + Cortex-M4 at 167 MHz, 1.0 MB of SRAM, 512 kB of L2 cache, dual Ethernet, dual USB, advanced security)
  • Kinetis® K20DX128VFM5-based OpenSDA circuit
  • 1 Gbit x 16 (128 MB) DDR3 in 96 FBGA package (Samsung)
  • 2 Gbit x 16 (256 MB) NAND flash (Micron)
  • Two 128 Mbit (16 MB) quad I/O serial flash (Expansion)
  • Dual USB with on-chip PHY
  • Interfaces to TWR-LCD-RGB board
  • Four user-controlled status LEDs
  • Two mechanical push buttons for user input and one for reset
  • Potentiometer and MMA8451Q 3-axis digital accelerometer
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Independent battery-operated power supply for real-time clock and tamper detection module


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Design Files

2 design files

  • Printed Circuit Boards and Schematics

    Tower VF65GS10 - Schematics

  • Printed Circuit Boards and Schematics

    TWR-VF65GS10 Design Package


3 software files

  • BSP, Drivers and Middleware

    Freescale MQX RTOS 4.1.2 for VFxxx

  • BSP, Drivers and Middleware

    Freescale MQX RTOS 4.1.2 for VFxxx Linux Base

  • Code Snippets

    Sample Code for VFxxx Controller Tower System

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