Integrated Mixer Oscillator PLL for Satellite LNB


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Key Features

  • Low current consumption integrated pre-amplifier, mixer, buffer amplifier and PLL synthesizer
  • Flat gain over frequency
  • Single 5 V supply pin
  • Low cost 25 MHz crystal
  • Crystal controlled LO frequency generation
  • Switched LO frequency (selectable to 9.75 GHz, 10.00 GHz, 10.25 GHz, 10.55 GHz, 10.60 GHz, 10.75 GHz, 11.25 GHz or 11.30 GHz) with a 25 MHz crystal as reference
  • Other LO frequencies within the 9.75 GHz to 11.30 GHz range can be realized by using an alternative reference frequency
  • Low phase noise
  • Low spurious
  • Low external component count
  • Alignment-free concept
  • ESD protection on all pins
  • Ku band LNB converters for VSAT and digital satellite reception (DVB-S / DVB-S2)

Part numbers include: TFF1024HN.


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