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UCODE offers high anti-collision rates, long operating distances, and can help protect your brand

Ideal for supply chain and logistics applications requiring high speed operation, UCODE passive UHF transponder ICs offer high anti-collision rates and long operating distances, and can help protect your brand.

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Key features and benefits

  • EPCglobal compliant
  • Fast inventory management
  • Long read range due to high chip sensitivity
  • Long range operation
  • Multiple tag readability, through anti-collision function
  • High anti-collision rate
  • Prevents unauthorized memory access, through read protection function
  • Brand protection
  • Global use from 840 up to 960 MHz, with wide temperature range: -40 °C up to +85 °C

Key applications

  • Consumer electronics
  • Fashion retail
  • FMCG
  • Supply chain management
  • Asset management

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Descriptive summary


NXP’s UCODE 7m is the latest product of UCODE 7 NXP transponder IC series and offers a 32 bit user memory. UCODE 7m provides the same read and write performance as UCODE 7 and therefore also enables the design of global versatile RFID labels that fit to the requirements of the retail industry. The new UCODE 7m is EPC Gen2 compliant and comes with the same features supported by UCODE 7 such as Automatic self pre-serialization of the EPC, Parallel Encoding, Product Status Flag and Tag Power Indicator.


Our UCODE 7 IC EPC Gen2 RFID chip offers best-in-class performance and features for the most demanding RFID tagging applications. With its leading edge RF performance for any given form factor, UCODE 7 enables long read distance and fast inventory of dense RFID tag population. UCODE 7 chip design enables manufacturing of global RFID labels with best-in-class performance over worldwide regulations. The device provides an automatic self pre-serialization feature for 96-bit EPC, following the industry aligned Multi Vendor Chip-based serialization scheme (MCS), and a Parallel encoding feature which improves and simplifies the tag initialization process. UCODE 7 also offers a Tag Power Indicator for RFID tag initialization optimization and a Product Status Flag for Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) application.

UCODE G2iM and G2iM+

NXP's UCODE G2iM series transponder ICs are the newest generation of UCODE products for use in applications where additional memory is required. In addition to the leading-edge read range and the 640 bit configurable user memory, UCODE G2iM offers features like read protect, block write and integrated Product Status Flag (PSF). UCODE G2iM+ also features an integrated tag tamper alarm, digital switch, external supply mode, data transfer mode and the conditional, automatic real read range reduction. This is where the activation condition can be defined by the user. In the UCODE G2iM+ the 640 bit user memory can be segmented or configured so that EPC memory up to 448 bit can be supported.

UCODE G2iL and G2iL+

With its industry-leading single port read range allowing simple antenna designs, the UCODE G2iL series is ideal for cost-effective RFID applications. UCODE G2iL+ offers industry-first special features such as tag tamper alarm, digital switch, data transfer, read protect, real read range reduction and battery assist mode.


These ICs help keep track of your products throughout manufacturing. Passive RFID chip solutions make pallet-, case- and item-level tracking reliable and cost-effective, helping to stop counterfeiting while speeding up inventory counting. A unique password-protected custom command set includes EAS for increased theft protection, a read protect feature to prevent unauthorized memory access and calibration, allowing optimization of the reader-to-tag communic The ICs are EPCglobal C1G2 1.0.9 certified and compliant to EPCglobal C1G2 1.1.0. They provide unsurpassed UHF performance with reliable operation in dense reader domains and over long read ranges. They feature an extended, 240 bit EPC number and 64 bit tag identifier. Plus, UCODE G2XM provides a 512 bit on-chip dedicated user memory.

UCODE HSL (High frequency Smart Label)

The SL3 ICS3001 is a dedicated chip for passive, intelligent tags and labels. Its RF interface allows high-speed bi-directional data transmission, while the advanced anti-collision and collision arbitration techniques allow writing to/reading from multiple labels simultaneously. UCODE HSL offers 216 bytes of user memory and a 64 bit unique identifier.


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