Inventory and Supply Chain Management


Target Applications

  1. Cold storage monitoring
  2. Food Safety
  3. Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Safety
  4. Industrial safety/Chemical Storage
  5. Inventory managemnet
  6. Livestock management
  7. Logistics
  8. Self-service library
  9. Warehousing


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Training and Events

Using an NFC IoT Sensing Tag in Smart Logistics and Healthcare - Session

Discover RAIN RFID and learn how it can enable smart logistics, enhance after-sales service, serve the entire product lifecycle and enhance efficiency.

Part 1| Modern Brand & Retail Solutions on the Rise, Smart digitalized packaging as a subset of the Internet of Things - a huge trend impacting global packaging industry today. 


This NXP webinar features the benefits of RFID and blockchain technologies for enabling greater transparency and traceability in food supply chains.