Category Products Features
Applications Processors LS2084A LS2084A: QorIQ LS2084A and LS2044A Multicore Communications Processors
S32V234 S32V230 Family of Processors for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Radar Transceiver MR2001 Multi-channel 77 GHz Radar Transceiver Chipset
S32R274 S32R Radar Microcontroller - S32R27 Automotive & Industrial Radar Applications
V2X RF Transceiver TEF5x00 High-performance dual-radio multiband RF transceiver for V2X applications
V2X SDR Baseband SAF5x00 Flexible software-defined radio processor for V2V and V2I communication
V2X Secure Element SXF1800 Highest security level for secure storage and processing of keys and certificates
Applications Processors i.MX 6 Series Multi-core processing platform based on ARM® Cortex®
High-Speed CAN Transceiver TJA1043 Provides differential transmit and receive capability to a microcontroller with a CAN protocol controller.