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Microcontrollers (MCU)
Ultra-Reliable 32-bit MCU for Automotive ADAS and Industrial Ethernet Applications 32 bit MCU 512 KB flash, video encoder, FlexCAN, Ethernet, I²C, LIN, SCI, SPI
Vision Processor for Front and Surround View Camera, Machine Learning and Sensor Fusion Applications Processor based on Quad ARM® Cortex®-A53 cores for image processing and dual APEX-2 image cognition engines
Instrument Cluster
Single Chip Module-i.MX 6Q ARM-based multicore MPU for central graphics processing and object detection, 3D and 2D graphics, MIPI Camera port
Ultra-Reliable Multi-Core Arm®-based MCU for Clusters and Display Management ARM-based processor for instrument clusters, 2 WVGA and head-up displays warping, 2D GPU, stepper motor drivers and cyber security
Power Supply
SBC Gen2 with High-Speed CAN and LIN System Basis Chip, LIN, 2x 5.0 V/400mA LDOs, 3/4 wakeup, SOIC 32, Reel

What's New


NXP Expands Automotive Ethernet Portfolio with new Gigabit Switch and Dual Port PHY

NXP has announced an expanded Ethernet portfolio which includes the TJA1102 PHY transceiver and SJA1105x Ethernet switch


New Automotive S32R Radar MCU

Offering higher accuracy and safety allows the vehicle to detect and classify objects, enabling a new range of semi-autonomous capabilities.