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Microcontrollers (MCU)
MPC560xE: Ultra-Reliable 32-bit MCU for Automotive ADAS and Industrial Ethernet Applications 32 bit MCU 512 KB flash, video encoder, FlexCAN, Ethernet, I²C, LIN, SCI, SPI
S32V234: Vision Processor for Front and Surround View Camera, Machine Learning and Sensor Fusion Applications Processor based on Quad ARM® Cortex®-A53 cores for image processing and dual APEX-2 image cognition engines
Instrument Cluster
SCM-i.MX6Q: Single Chip Module-i.MX 6Q ARM-based multicore MPU for central graphics processing and object detection, 3D and 2D graphics, MIPI Camera port
MAC57D5xx: Ultra-Reliable Multi-Core Arm®-based MCU for Clusters and Display Management ARM-based processor for instrument clusters, 2 WVGA and head-up displays warping, 2D GPU, stepper motor drivers and cyber security
Power Supply
MC33905: SBC Gen2 with High-Speed CAN and LIN System Basis Chip, LIN, 2x 5.0 V/400mA LDOs, 3/4 wakeup, SOIC 32, Reel